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Enable Maps Javascript API and also Places API for the same project
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So what is a QR code?

QR stands for "Quick response" and the vision behind QR codes is a method to quickly scan a surface with a smartphone in your pocket to get a response in form of a website, email, or other digital information displayed on your phone. Originally created for industrial use the QR code has quickly swept around the world due to grassroots marketing campaigns and the basic need for a bridge between the real world and the digital world. QR Codes are a quick and effortless way to engange more deeply with your audience. QR Codes became very popular in offline advertising where it provided a way to bring the viewer to the adverstiser website. In our opinion it is even more powerful when used the other way around. Embed a QR Code on your website with our QR code generator and give your visitors the possiblilty to quickly scan the code and trigger automatically one of the following functions:
It is truly amazing to watch the spread of QR codes being used by industries across the spectrum and around the world - with nearly around 50% facebook users, over 300 million in total, having scanned a QR code before. The familiarity and comfort level of this marketing tool is inspiring. There is no limit on how quick response codes can be used but there are a few basic paramaters that dictate wether or not they will work. First you will need a qr code generator and a smart phone device. Then you will need to have a QR reader downloaded and installed on your phone. In most cases you will need access to the web to get the data that the QR code is pointing you to. There are plenty of QR readers available for nearly every smart phone.


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URL - Zap!

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A QR code like this could open your website URL right on a customer’s mobile device. Suddenly your website could deliver instant premiums, promotions and coupon codes.
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Contact - ZAP!

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A QR code like this could deliver your entire business card right to a customer’s address book. From your website, your signage or even your tee-shirt.
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Phone - ZAP!

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Phone numbers are a thing for the past. Now savvy people use QR codes to transfer phone numers. They scan a QR code number right intot heri phone and use it to make the call.
Generate a free QR code with your contact number now!


Email - ZAP!

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A QR code like this can transmit an entire email message when potential custoemr scans your QR code, they get an email with your sales pitch, right on their mobile device.
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This QR code can transmit a SMS message when a prospect scans your QR code. ZAP - New text!
Generate a free QR code SMS now.


Bookmark - ZAP!

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This QR code can add your Website to the users bookmarks. This QR code screams: "Bookmark my site!"
Generate a free QR code for a Bookmark now.


Maps - ZAP!

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This QR code opens a map app on the users mobile device and displays your address. Now savvy people use QR codes to navigate to your local business address!
Generate a free QR code for your Map location now.


iTunes - ZAP!

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A QR code like this could open Apple iTunes store or the Android marketplace right on a customer’s mobile device. Great for app downloads or just a personal iTunes mix tape.
Generate a free QR code for a Itunes download now.


WiFi - ZAP!

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This QR codes connects your vistor to your WIFI spot! Great for hotels, restaurants, dentists and yourself.
Generate a free QR code for your WiFi now.